Our highly sophisticated suite of analytical products and services provides accurate and complete information, powered by prescriptive analytics, throughout a number of lines of business. Confianza’s technology offers an easy way to access risk-assessment and decision-making analytics throughout many areas – no matter what your insurance underwriting and client service needs are.

Lines of Business

Personal Auto

Commercial Auto

Small Business

Personal Property

Commercial Property

Life & Annuities

Consumption via Restful API

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Pre-Bind Products


-Non-FCRA & Regulated Data & Scores

-Pre-Bind Knockout / Triage / Targeted Risk Selection

-Personal Lines







-Includes Motorcycles, Boats, Recreational Vehicles

-Commercial Lines

-Classification: SIC, NAICS Codes

-Core Business Information





-Fleets, Trailers, etc.

MVR Alternatives Based on Court Records

-Clean/Dirty Indicators and Violation Details (based on Court Records for over 30 states)

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Machine Learning Prescriptive Analytics and Scores

Propensity Models

-Propensity to Bind

-Credit Bin Tier Indicator / Ability to Pay

-Targeted Risk Selection

-Lifetime Value - Upsell / Cross Sell

-Profiling your Best Customers & Key Characteristics

Post-Bind Products

Identify Profitability Concerns Such As Premium Leakage

Profiling Your Best Customers & Key Characteristics

Fraud Screening

Identify Asset Changes

Policy Monitoring and Triggers

Batch Processing:
Offline Product and Service Offerings

The high value offline / batch services that Confianza offers. These demonstrate Confianza’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by the industry namely:

-Confianza's commitment to the industry in the form of non-disruptive pertinent and timely content and services.
-The limitations (and challenges) presented by the current incumbent information providers.
-The depth and breadth of the knowledge of our people as it pertains to the insurance industry.
-The quality of our information stores and partners.

These services are focused on providing the tools necessary to help carriers overcome the significant decline in profitability. The services are offered “offline” (in a batch environment) so that there is minimal disruption to a carrier’s current acquisition and operations and typically require little to no involvement by the carrier’s information technology resources.

Policy Analysis Servicer

-An offline service that examines every field in the carrier’s Property & Casualty Auto book that identifies issues of accuracy and suitability. This deep dive analysis spans all aspects of the policy covering the Primary Named Insured(s), all named drivers, and all included vehicles.

Point of Sale Fraud Service (Fraud@POS)

-An offline service that examines a carrier’s policies written over the most recent period and (like the Policy Analysis Service) generates a complete list of defects associated with the policy. Each defect carriers a unique weight which is then summed into a policy score. The score highlights both fraud in both its hard form (premeditated fraud) and soft form (purposeful premium avoidance). The model is self-scaling, as not all aspects of fraud are applicable to a carrier depending on the coverage provided to the consumer. The Fraud@POS service is an “open book” and details every exception noted quantifying the levels of exceptions and providing guidance on how the carrier / consumer can remediate each exception.

Conifanza Renewal Book Analysis (RBA)

-An offline capability that like the Policy Analysis Service described above, performs a deep dive into the quality and performance of each policy in a carrier’s book of business. The service examines seven factors or unique aspects of the policy to quantify the premium leakage / avoidance of the policy.

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